We accept cash or check only, please.*

Private Acupuncture Sessions* >

Consultation & Acupuncture Treatment – $85

(Plus, new patient fee of $40 for initial acupuncture session.)

Community Acupuncture Sessions* >

Consultation & Treatment – $25 - 45 sliding scale.

(Please talk to me if you need a lower community scale)
(Plus, new patient fee of $10 for initial session.)

Pediatric Visits* >

Initial Consultation and Treatment: $105

Follow-up Treatment: $50-$80 sliding scale

Community Rate (shorter sessions): see above

Massage* >

One-hour Massage – $70-90 sliding scale

Half-hour Massage – $40-60 sliding scale

Various Acu-Massage Combinations: Please inquire!

*This information refers to Manzanita Wellness Clinic- for other Collective services, fees, etc., please contact your practitioner directly. More info here.

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Clinic Visit

Clinic Visit (for sessions with Shoshana)

Welcome to Manzanita. If this is your first visit, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, so that you can fill out new patient health history forms. Or, you may download our forms ahead of time and fill them out before arriving.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and refrain from any strong fragrances. It is best to have eaten prior to an acupuncture treatment, without being overly full. If you are taking pain medications for an acute condition, it is recommended not to have taken them right before your treatment (if possible), so that we can better assess your true condition. Also, please refrain from vigorous physical exercise, drugs, alcohol and hot tubs for several hours before and after an acupuncture treatment, to best allow your body to rebalance.  Finally, please do not brush your tongue for a day or two before an acupuncture treatment, as tongue coating and texture are key diagnostic tools to assess your health. After treatment, some people feel relaxed, spacey, or euphoric. If so, sitting quietly for a few minutes and drinking water or tea is a good idea.

We accept cash or check only, please.*

Cancellation Policy

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please do so with 24 hours notice. Otherwise you will be charged the full fee for your appointment.

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